ONK Therapeutics

ONK Therapeutics was founded in 2015 with the goal of developing novel anti-cancer therapies using Natural Killer (NK) cells.  NK cells are one of body’s strongest defences against cancer, being one of the most tumour cytotoxic components of the human immune system. The company’s strategy is to develop novel novel, off the shelf, NK cell-based therapies for cancer. Further, the company is seeking to enhance these NK cells through the introduction of a series of genetic modifications, creating a technology platform that can be tailored to multiple cancers.

ONK Therapeutics is an NK cell therapy company focused on cancer treatment.

  • Platform capability providing optimized treatment for multiple cancers with the ability to add targeting capabilities, cytotoxic enhancements, inhibitory blockers


  • ONK Therapeutics is developing a range of modified NK cell products to target blood cancers with unmet needs e.g. AML, MM, as well as solid tumors
  • ONK Therapeutics’s Cell Products are designed to outperform competitors in efficacy & safety
  • Batch manufactured for convenient off-the-shelf supply at low cost
  • Broad patent portfolio around cell and key optimizing components
2nd (Cause of death globally – 1 in 6 deaths are due to cancer)1
Billion $ (the global oncology market by 2022)
$1.2 Trillion (Economic cost of cancer today)1
100 (there are over 100 types of cancer)1

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