The ONK Therapeutics Solution

ONK Therapeutics believes that the combination of a potent NK cell, with strategies to further enhance its targeting, and the addition of a further patented killing mechanism in TRAIL, to enhance its efficacy in killing tumour cells, would be a very attractive product for major pharmaceutical companies.

Making Cell Therapy More Accessible

ONK Therapeutics ONK cell approach provides a low cost, safe, effective, off‐the‐shelf, dose titratable solution that makes cell therapy more accessible.

  • Broad patient applicability, low/no CRS risk, no uncontrolled expansion
  • Use like a drug (short half life)
  • High cancer killing ability
  • Batch manufacture in hours, easy distribution, low cost

A strong and growing IP portfolio

ONK Therapeutics has developed a broad array of patents to protect its cell platform and means re-engineer additional killing capability, homing and targeting capabilities and the ability to stimulate or inhibit pathways that influence the immune response. The patents along with trade secrets and know how all help to protect the company’s products and technology from competition

A broad platform technology

ONK Therapeutics’s ongoing development of CAR constructs, TRAIL variants and novel immune checkpoints provides the company with a platform capability to generate new products, out-license certain technologies to other companies and establish value creating strategic alliance opportunities.

More Efficacious

  • Multiple mechanisms of killing
  • Multiple dose capability

Excellent Safety Profile

  • No uncontrolled expansion
  • Less likely to cause cytokine release syndrome

Batch Manufactured

  • Off the shelf product
  • Scaled manufacturing capability

Why ONK Therapeutics is Different

At the present time, the leading cellular immunotherapy candidates to progress to drug approval are based on human T-cells, which are modified with the addition of Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) forming CAR T cells which can then recognise and destroy cancer cells.

However, despite the fantastic responses seen with CAR-T cells, they have a number of disadvantages relating to safety, manufacturing, cost and delivery, and may not be appropriate for all patients

Given the potential side effects of T-cell therapy, utilizing an alternative type of immune cell, i.e. NK cells, could provide a more ideal solution. NK cells have the potential to be, more effective, safer and more amenable to development as an off-the-shelf therapy, are easier to manufacture and have lower production costs.

Availability off-the-shelf

2,500-5,000 doses per batch

Consistent product

Batch production, lower costs & labor

Ease of Shipment and Storage