The ONK Therapeutics Platform
  • Allogeneic NK cells provide the back-bone of the ONK Therapeutics anti-cancer cell therapy platform.
Targeting Cancers: CAR
  • NK cells can be modified by adding a CAR to enhance recognition of the cancer cell as well subsequent cytotoxicity.
Cytotoxicity Enhancement:
  • It is also possible to add modifications to NK cells that enhance their cytotoxic killing ability, such as ONK Therapeutics’s TRAIL variant.
Preventing Immune Evasion and Exhaustion
  • Other modifications can also be added to the NK cell to silence immune inhibitory mechanisms.
The ONK Therapeutics Platform Advantage
  • By applying these various modifications to the allogeneic NK cells, ONK Therapeutics has a platform from which cell therapy products can be designed to optimally treat different types of cancer

More Efficacious

  • Multiple mechanisms of killing
  • Multiple dose capability
  • Cancer-optimized therapies

Excellent Safety Profile

  • No uncontrolled expansion
  • Less likely to cause cytokine release syndrome

Batch Manufactured

  • Off the shelf product
  • Scaled manufacturing capability
  • Broad availability

Intellectual Property (IP)

ONK Therapeutics has worked hard to develop a strong intellectual property matrix of licences and patents to support its platform capabilities and the development of optimized NK cell based products

    • Worldwide Exclusive License to the KHYG-1 NK cell line
    • Worldwide Exclusive License for DR5 TRAIL variant
    • Building a broad patent portfolio
      • CAR-NK +/- TRAIL variant for the treatment of cancer (e.g. AML, Multiple Myeloma)
      • Silencing key NK cell checkpoint receptors (CD96, Siglec7)
      • NK cells expressing variant TRAIL for increased cytotoxicity
      • Use of anti-IL6 to enhance cytotoxicity of therapeutic NK cells
    • Granted patents
      • US Patent 10,034,925 (NK cells expressing variant TRAIL)
      • European Patent 3317401 (NK cells expressing variant TRAIL)
    • ONK Therapeutics’s IP can be applied to any NK cell